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Is your business searching for a manufacturer of high quality plastic mould?

R&D Mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer provide high quality plastic injection mould such as commodity mould, furniture mould,food container mould, crate mould, cap/closure mould, auto parts mould, electrical parts mould...R&D Mould have made plastic molding tools and injection moulds for companies in Russia,America,Europe,Asia and sourth America..

With over 10 years experience in plastic mould design and a deep understanding of the desires of plastic parts industry. R&D Mould deliver fresh thinking plastic injection mould to help you meet the demands of 21st century clients.
R&D Mould service:
- Plastic Mould & Mold Making ( mould weight from 50kg to 20ton, steel precision machining tolerance ±0.02mm )
- Mold & part design
- Molding series production
- Rapid Prototypes & development

R&D Mould equipped with numerical control processing center, EDM machine, CNC machine, wire cutting machine, digital milling machine, lathe machine, radial drilling machine, plane precision grinding machine and 125 tons to 250 tons injeciton molding machine etc. supplemented by the industry's most advanced Pro - e, UG, Catia, MasterCam and other professional mold design and analysis software, we can strictly control the quality and process from design to production

R&DMould constantly innovation, devote more resources to technology development, and often communicate with the industry elite, take an active part in all kinds of technical training at home and abroad.

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