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Baby Seat Stool Mould

R&D Mould is a professional plastic stool mould manufacturer in China. Every year we offer lots stool mould to customers, such as adult plastic stool mould, step stool mould and children folding stool mould. Our mould is widely known for excellent quality, reasonable price and good after sales.
Nowadays, lots of company can make furniture stool mould. But can they make it well? Actually, there exists lots of problems. For us, we have rich experience in it. And we are very glad to share some key points:
-keep the gate smooth and perfect stool parting line.
It is very dangerous if plastic stool surface have a big gate or a sharp parting line, especially for the children and baby. It requires precise tooling to make sure the smooth surface and a good parting line. Or we will suggest inject from core side.
-good water cooling system
Water cooling system is very important for plastic stool moulds, only have good cooling, the plastic material can flow smoothly and equally. And the thickness of stool will be almost same. What’s more, good cooling can reduce mould cycle time.
-Make the stool thickness suitable for person’s weight but not wast the material
We will strictly control stool weight, if it is heavier, it will wastes lots material. For stool manufacturer, it will lead no profits or less profits. If it is not stronger, maybe dangerous for the human. So R&D engineer will both consider these two factors.
-Design the stool stack
Stacking is convenient for stool manufacturers to transport it. Before we start doing furniture stool mould design, we will take this factor in consideration. We will consider how many stools stack is reasonable.
If you are looking for stool mould manufacturer, please never hesitate to contact us. Please give us a choice, let us become your the most suitable and reliable stool mould supplier. Hope we can cooperate with each other and achieve mutual benefits.

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