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Box mould

R&D Mould is one of professional plastic box mould suppliers. We manufactured different kinds of box mould during these years. Such as storage box mould, tool box mould, food container mould etc,.
For box mould, we have rich experience in this field. And have concluded some technical points:
-Different kinds box moulds will choose different mould steel.
For food container mould, usually customers have high requirements for mould life and polish effect. So engineer will select steel H13, S136...
For storage box mould and tool box mould, because the mould is bigger, we will suggest use P20, 718, 2738 in order to save mould cost.
-Precision tooling in order to avoid eccentric problem. Especially for the thin wall box mould and big volume box mould. If the mould is eccentric, the product is easy stick to the core side, and very difficult for the part to eject out.
-Good water cooling line makes the plastic material flow equally, and make sure the wall thickness even.
Except for these points, we have lots of advantages:
-2D & 3D design is provided,
-on time delivery,
-long mould life,
-good after sales,
-reasonable price
Are you looking for box mould supplier? Do you want to make superior quality plastic box mould? If yes, please never hesitate to contact us. We will find the best and the most suitable solution for you.
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