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Food container mould

Plastic food container is the commonest packaging container. Widely used in food.etc field, especially thin wall food container become more and more in demand because of its advantages of low production cost, high productivity, qualitative light, better to use.
R&D Mould have ever made lots types and size plastic food container mould, such as Preserving Box, disposable food container mould, thin wall food container mould , Meet the diverse needs of clients.
Food container mould advantages
1.      easy to shape, easy to form the mass production
2.      the food container mould which we made has the characteristic of good packaging effect, various types, colorful
3.      Has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, impact resistance.
We can make 2 cavity, 4 cavity , 8 cavity food container mould according to client’s requirement. Will recommend mould steel material depend on the customer’s request of mould life . product raw material usually use PP or PE. Mould cycle time is 20-30s. hot runner can Reduce the flow resistance of plastic melt, Improve the quality of stamping.
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