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Furniture mould

R&D Mould is a professional furniture mould manufacturer , we offer chair mould ,table mould ,stool mould ,cabinate mould and so on. Over 10 years plastic injection mould design and manufacture ,we are familiar with making interchangeable insert for different versions of chair backrest and seat .Also for backrest and armrest area can be interchanged when the chair mould is on the injection machine ,easy interchangeable saves lots of time and labor.
For furniture mould ,there are several points is on common :
1.       Mould automatically running
2.       Optional cooling system is directly influence the mould cycle time
3.       Precision air venting is very sensitivity
4.       Good polish is very important for the product outlook.
5.       Chair mould ,stool mould ,table mould ,one of the main important point is stacking ,easy stacking and taking out is directly influence the product’s selling and using.
Due to our design capacity and self-owned machine center , we give the competitive price for our customer .If you are looking for furniture mould ,welcome to visit R&D mould,we will offer you good quality ,competitive price and short delivery time mould as your requirement. 
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