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Mould R&D

R&D Plastic mould have a professional manufacturing and designing team .In our factory, we have 8 professional engineers and 10 designers.
Whatever you have completed 3D design or just an idea or concept, we could start working together with you for your project. We can promptly take your concepts into 3D models or take your 3D design into mold design.

We support all design stages of product development, from conceptualization to unfixed 3D drawings or according to customers’ samples. We closely work with our customer to understand the desired product characteristics and production requirements, and we take advantage of our best knowledges and skills to turn customer’s idea into quality products. If you send us the completed 3D drawings, we firstly will review and analyze them to identify any issues for design, manufacturability and efficient production. 
We have CAD/CAM/CAE system and mainly utilize below advanced softwares for designing and engineering:
- Pro/Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D Modeling)
- AutoCAD (2D Modeling)
- CATIA (3D Modeling)
- MasterCAM (CNC Programming) 
- MoldFlow Mold Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation) 
We think mold design and construction is a key important step for mold manufacturing. To guarantee high quality plastic parts, we analyze and determine mold structure from gates, runners, cooling system and ejector system to make sure the best solution are used. Also, we pay more attention to details, such as mold steel, mold base, mold accessories, plastic raw material selection, etc. We always send mold design solution and drawings to customers for approval before tooling start.

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