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Commodity mould
Nowadays, plastic commodity products are seen everywhere.
Box mould
R&D Mould is one of professional plastic box mould suppliers.
Outdoor parts mould
R&D Mould is professional mould maker for outdoor products, such as sled mould, shovel mould, garden products mould, helmet mould, sunglass mould
Furniture mould
RD Mould is a professional furniture mould manufacturer , we offer chair mould ,table mould ,stool mould ,cabinate mould and so on.
Auto parts mould
R&D Mould is the professional auto parts mould supplier, have passed ISO/TS 16949 quality control system.
Battery box mould
Battery box mould ,motorcycle battery box mould , automotive battery box mould, battery box manufacturer
Crate mould
R&D Mould is a leading plastic crate mould manufacturer china, supply various dimension and type crat...
Paint bucket mould
R&D Mould is a professional Chinese bucket mould manufacturer ,every year we make different pail mould ,paint bucket mould and trash bin mould for our oversea market .
Garbage bin mould
R&D Mould each year exporting more than 30 sets trash bin mould. Have various type such as daily garbage mould, industry trash bin mould, Pedal bin mould, Double barrel type trash bin mould
Electric parts mould
R&D mould is a professional plastic injection mould maker in China.
Food container mould
R&D Mould have ever made lots types and size plastic food container mould, such as Preserving Box, disposable food container mould, thin wall food container mould , Meet the diverse needs of clients.
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