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R&D MOULD is a famous mould manufacturer in China, from 2004 , we established our company , we are very clear that we are mould manufacturer, not trader .

From buying the first CNC machine ,till now , our tooling center have owned more than 50 sets mould tooling equipments, include high speed CNC tooling machine and standard CNC tooling machine, CNC Engraving machine, Deep gun drilling machine,Wire cutting machine, EDM machine, Milling machine , Injection machine and so on .

All the mould tooling equipments guaranteed the mould tooling speed and quality.

Please see below Mould tooling equipments list:

Mould tooling equipment  name
Mould tooling equipment model Mould tooling equipment quantity Mould tooling equipment picture
1. CNC Mould Tooling center 1300x800x600mm 4 sets
2. CNC Mould Tooling center 1600x850x800mm 5sets
3. CNC Mould Tooling center 2100x1200x1200mm 3sets
4. CNC Mould Tooling center 3200x1500x1200mm 1set
5. High speed CNC Mold Tooling center 1300x850x800mm 2sets
6. High speed CNC Mold Tooling center 2300x1600x1100mm 1set
7.Deep Gun drilling machine 1800x diameter 24 1set
8. EDM machine Normal 5sets
9. EDM machine 2 head 1set
10.Wire cutting machine   4sets
11. Grinding machine   6sets
12.Injection molding machine 160-380Ton 4sets


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