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Baby use mould

Nowadays baby toy mould and baby use mould industries growth faster and faster with the improving of living standard, parents are increasingly focused on give their children a wonderful childhood.
The baby is petite and dedicate, they need special baby use products such as baby bath tub, baby seats. the childrens always want to have more toys such as plastic toy car, building blocks, plastic shovels and so on. These toys also conducive to children's intellectual development.
R&D Mould is a professional plastic baby toy moulds and baby use mold manufacturer, have more than 10 years experienced in child parts mould design and manufacture. R&D Mould strictly control the baby toy molds manufacturing process because of the particularity of infants and children.
R&D Mould advantages
1. Using high security levels of plastic raw materials and mould steel, have long mould life, products is strong and not easy to broken to harm babies
2. baby use Mould design and mould structure is reasonable,  products taking on much safer and more comfortable characteristics.
3. A variety of choice, can customize according to customer's requirements. Meet a series of demands from infancy to childhood 
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