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Sanitary ware mould

 R&D plastic mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer, have rich experienced in all kinds of plastic injection moulds. Every year we export more than 50 sets sanitary ware moulds to well-known manufacturers from Russia, US, Europe, Taiwan. Sanitary mould include hanger mould, bath tub mould, washbasin mould, kettle mould, sop box mould, toilet mould and so on.
how to make plastic sanitary ware mould in R&D Mould
1.      if you have the mould design , 2D /3D drawing, then you can send us and told us the mould raw material and mould cavity no. then we can give the quotation and other details.
2.      If you don’t have mould design about sanitary moud, then you can go through our pictures in website. We have ever made lots of sanitary mould such as hanger mould, bath tub mould, washbasin mould for your choose.
3.      When we finished communicate all the details and request, R&D Mould will hold a meeting to discuss how to control mould quality in manufacturing.
4.      We will test the mould until the product fully meet customer’s requirement and send the sample to client.
If you have any requirements for hanger mould, bath tub mould, plastic toilet mould…welcome to send us inquiry.
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