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Tool box mould

Tool box mould is highly required in our factory , every year we make about 50 sets tooling box mould in different size for different usage . We have lots of knowledge about tool box mould designing and tool box mould manufacturing.

For tool box mould ,there are several points is on common :

1.Mould automatically running
2.Optional cooling system
3.Mould finish is very important for the product outlook, especially for polish and texture
4.Tool box is composed by many parts, cover ,body ,handle , interlayer, and other pockets, so the fitting and mating become very important .When we make the product design and mould design ,we have to consider this ,so the shrinkage rate and demolding angle must take care.
If you are looking for tool box mould supplier ,welcome to visit R&D mould,we will offer you good quality ,competitive price and on –time delivery . 
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